Black & White Vino to Vinyasa
Unlock Your Body at Vino to Vinyasa 2013


The purpose of Unlock Your Body is to start from the physical level. Recognise that movement is a sacred gift from the Universe and that it encompasses everything. From the tiniest of atoms to the largest of aeroplanes transporting people around the world – all is movement. Light is movement, the wind is movement. water is movement, the earth is movement. Our body is movement. Yoga is the recognition and union of movement and we can obtain absolute knowledge and wisdom through understand the movement of our body.

Yoga aspirants, spiritual seekers and scientists wanting to learn more about the finer elements of yogic sciences will find this a great place to consolidate your thoughts and learnings with other like-minded spirits. Everyone and anyone is encouraged to share experiences, exchange ideas and learn from each other; be it yogic sciences, nutrition, yoga anatomy, spiritual ideologies or metaphysical topics. Yoga is the science of life – the body and mind being the laboratories.

In understanding these, Unlock Your Body supports by validating and teaching movement, yogic sciences and concepts. It is dedicated to everyone who has been touched by the healing power of yoga. wants to share truthful knowledge to anyone who is interested in healing themselves, and also others. To dispel myths, to relieve suffering and to improve health, wellbeing and quality of life through yoga. We can all journey together to seek the supreme absolute truth.

Hari Om Tat Sat,

Russell Chan,

Unlock Your Body Founder